What Would You Do To Empower Girls?

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Girls rock! I say that because I work with them… and well, I am one. Girls often don’t recognize all they are capable of, I sure didn’t when I was young. And, the more and more I work with girls, the more I see the “super power” within them diminishing. I believe it is a result of many things but their lack of this “super power” directly affects how they view themselves and treat each other. As an organization, we started out really just to bring awareness to the issue of girl bullying but as we have rolled up our sleeves and really got down and dirty, there is more than just bullying going on, there is a growing culture of girl on girl meanness.

MEANNESS DOESN’T ALWAYS MAKE SOMEONE A BULLY, IT JUST MAKES THEM A MEAN. The label, “bullying” has become excessive and overused and I realize the frustration when I talk with adults. When we work to spread awareness on the issue of girl bullying, we are trying to tackle the issue of meanness as well. Meanness is at every school, in every classroom, and likely every home that has a girl. This does not mean every girl is a bully or mean girl. The concern is the prevalent, destructive, and recurring lengths girls will go to be mean to eachother. I am excited that as an organization we are working to address the heart of not only those who are a bully or the victim of the bully, but dig deeper and address this culture of meanness in the girl world.

Our matching donation ends this week so,  I have a challenge for you on this #motivationmonday. If you have a daughter, niece, granddaughter or young girl in your life, consider a one time donation in any amount!

You may think your loved one is too young…meanness or bullying is not an issue, but I guarantee, if we don’t get a handle on meanness, she will be affected by it in one way or another.

I DREAM BIG, THINK BIG and want to be able to PROVIDE BIG, in ways that make a difference for girls. You can help! Donate here on our Support Us page under donation, this is through Paypal. You can donate to our  GoFundMe campaign, or through snail mail; TMGEP P.O. Box 2041, Windsor, CA 95492.

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