You Can Sit With Us: New App Created To Stop Social Isolation At School


Image Credit- i-tunes

Exclusion is one of the main weapons girls use to hurt each other. Social isolation can be very damaging to a girls reputation,  identity and self-esteem. Research has shown girls who are socially ostracized are less likely to do well in school, struggle not only psychologically, but the stress from it can cause physical problems as well.

Sixteen year old Natalie Hampton of Sherman Oaks California knew all to well what it was like to be socially excluded. She felt alone, humiliated and often embarrassed. Deciding to be part of solution and not just the victim, she created the APP You Can Sit With Us.

 You Can Sit With Us is a free lunch-planning app where kids can find a place to sit at lunch if they feel like they have nowhere to go. Kids can sign up as ambassadors for a Sit With Us club. They agree to post open lunches. Then, if someone who has the app doesn’t have a place to sit, they can find a table.

October is Anti-Bully Awareness month. Want to make a difference and help Combat Mean? Be an ambassador and/or start a Sit With Us club. You can find the APP in the Apple App store.