GuideStar USA, Inc. is an information service specializing in reporting on U.S. nonprofit companies. As of 2014, TMGEP is listed on

Here’s how to find us: guidestar-logo-2011

1. Visit

2. Search for “Mean Girl Extinction Project” (they dropped our “The); we will be the only search result that appears. The listing will also have “Windsor, CA 95492”, “Child/Family Services”. **If you are having trouble finding us by searching for our name, try using our EIN #: 46-3715502.

3. Check out our listing! We’re still working on adding all of our information and getting website approval. You can add personal reviews if you’ve worked with us or encountered us, too!


Many large companies will match, double, or even triple employee donations if the organization the employee is donating to is listed on GuideStar. How great is that? Your $25 can turn into $75 or even $100 with your company’s help! Just contact your company before donating and see what kind of confirmation they require for donation matching.

Thanks for partnering with us!

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