Parents, this is  where you can find valuable information on how to help your child if they have been involved in a bullying situation, whether the victim or the bully.

Since we are an organization that is dedicated to make young women feel safe, we feel it necessary to encourage parents to speak to their daughters before taking any course of action. Trust and respect are delicate lines that can do so much harm to relationships when neglected. That being said, your relationship with your child is your own and their safety comes first!

Online Parent Tips

Words Wounds

What is Relational Aggression (Part 1)What is Relational Aggression (Part 2)

Books’s Melissa Taylor’s “Best 5 Bullying Books for Parents”

PDF Files (Download-able)

Cell Phone Contract

Ways to Detect Participation in “Mean Girl” Activities:

Signs Your Child is Being a Bully (via

7 Signs that Your Kid is a Bully (via Every Day Health)

Is Your Child a Bully? (via Parent Map)

How To Tell If Your Daughter is a Mean Girl (via

What to do if You Suspect Your Child is Participating in “Mean Girl” Activities:

Tip Sheet for Child Bullying Problems (via Stomp Out Bullying)

What to do if Your Child is a Bully  (via Stomp Out Bullying)

11 Ways to Stop Bullying (via Community Matters)

Link between substance abuse and bullying



Check back often–we will be continuously updating our selection of resources!

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