Laaaaadies, below are links that will get you the information you need to navigate all kinds of uncharted waters. Follow the links below.



Pacer Center’s Teens Against Bullying








Addressing Self Esteem







Cyberbully Movie (via IMDB)

Great movie! If you want to see what relational aggression looks like, how it can start out small…seem like it’s not a big deal and grow to something very toxic, this movie is a must see. It shows the damage from the side of the bully, the target and bystanders.




“Dove Self-Esteem Project”(via

Dove Evolution Beauty Campaign (via



Girl Scouts 

G- Go-Getter



L- Leader


Words Wound

Are you struggling with bullying? Wish someone could listen and understand? You are not alone! Share your story here. Find others who may have a similar story.



sit with us


Sit with Us APP– This app was created by a middle school student who knew one of the hardest times being excluded is at lunch. Not only was it hard to be left out at lunch but the embarrassment  of having everyone see you eating alone was difficult. As a result she created an app for students (middle school and up) to use. This app connects students willing to be ambassadors and include those left out with students who don’t want to sit alone.

Have you felt this way? Or maybe you have seen it happen to others and want to help. Check this out!



Check back often–we will be continuously updating our selection of resources!

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