Educators & Professionals can play a huge role in abolishing the bully phenomenon. Below is a compilation of materials that we think could help you assist student victims and take steps toward the confrontation of aggressors in a kind and respectful way.


Rethink Words – This is a new technology created by a teen to alert someone that they are about to send a potentially hurtful text/email etc.  Trials showed that a large percentage of kids chose not to send it after all.  Schools/Districts can request to get the ReThink – Community Edition downloaded for their school. 

The Helpful Counselor – Need activities to get the ball rolling on open communication and counseling with your students? The Helpful Counselor has many activities, tips and tricks for you to consider.

PDF Files (Download-able)

Notifying Schools About Bullying

Cell Phone Contract

Link between substance abuse and bullying


Check back often–we will be continuously updating our selection of resources!

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