Combat Mean Assembly : 2 hours 

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This assembly is fun, engaging and interactive. Girls will learn what relational aggression is and how to identify it in every day girl world. We focus a lot on cyber-bullying, the effect and consequences. Girls will also take a Combat Mean pledge at the end and walk away with a swag bag. We will give away two tee-shirts as well as donate a fiction or non-fiction book to the school library. This assembly is for up to 150 girls, 5-12 grade. There is a faith-based version for private schools and faith organizations.

Combat Mean Workshop: Full Day

For this workshop girls sit in small table groups. They will define and identify relational aggression and cyber bullying through small group discussions and workbooks. The girls participate in hands-on activities. This workshops does take a serious tone toward the middle to REALLY allow the girls to recognize the cost of mean girl behavior, and cyber bullying, as well as what role they play in it. They take a Combat Mean pledge, and end with an unforgettable group activity and a bag of swag; including a Combat Mean dog tag key chain. We giveaway two tee shirts and donate a book to the school library. There is a faith-based version for private schools and faith organizations.

Combat Mean Workshop: Half Day

This is a shortened version of the full day. It’s basically a little more in-depth than the assembly but not as long as the full day workshop.

A $20.00 graphic tee shirt is available to pre-order and add to any package.

Service Projects

IMG_7207 Kindness Counts Sevice Project with 4th grade girls

We work with schools and organizations to create girl led service projects that benefit their communities and schools.


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Our speakers deliver keynotes on issues related to girls. Popular topics include relational aggression, cyberbullying, power of words, and cultivating kindness.

Team Building

Cheer Camp Team Building

Creating a community of kindness within a girl sport, organization or club requires a place where every girl feels safe, respected and accepted. Let us help build unity, respect and healthy communication so together they can work to their highest potential.

Let’s spread kindness and “Combat Mean” together! Please use our contact page for more information on our programs.