Upcoming Events

No Name Calling Week! January 21-25

The Great Kindness Challenge Week January 21-25

No One Eats Alone Day February 8

Random Acts of Kindness Day February 17th

Anti-Bullying Day February 27th- Wear Purple!

Zero Discrimination Day March 1

Lewisburg Middle School March 8th

Stand4Change– May 12


April 19th: #Do1Give.


TMGEP is going to participate in $Do1Give on April 19th. Our goal: Do something kind for another girl. Go out of your way to complement, send a note of encouragement, reach out to the girl everyone else ignores, buy coffee at a favorite coffee shop. Your give doesn’t have to cost financially. The point is to be purposeful and give of yourself for someone else. We at TMGEP would like you to do your give to another female. The more we are good and kind to each other, the less likely we will hurt each other or be mean.  Join us locally here in the Nashville area, or start one in your area! Contact TMGEP at tmgepboss@gmail.com if you would like to participate with us locally.

Monday, April 25th: DINE & DONATE – Mary’s Pizza Shack Windsor 

The Mean Girl Extinction Project is hosting a DINE & DONATE at Mary’s Pizza Shack in Windsor on Monday, April 25th! 20% of all dine-in and take-out orders (and 10% of giftcard purchases!) made with our flyer presented at the time of purchase will be donated to TMGEP so that we can continue to “combat mean” and encourage mutual respect amongst the youth of our community.  Join us at Mary’s for delicious “homemade” Italian food! Who wants to cook on a Monday anyway? NOT US. See you there!

*A PRINTED flyer must be presented at the time of purchase; flyers presented digitally will not be accepted. Printed flyers can be in color or black & white–just make sure to bring a hard copy!

March 8: International Women’s Day


Check out the link below for events in your area and ways you can be involved and participate.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #PressforProgress!

International Women’s Day

Check out these organizations as well!

Girl Empowerment Network Events

Rachel Simmons Workshops for college age girls

Empowerment 4 Girls– Camps

Keep checking back for more upcoming events!

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