Attention Parents! How to stop cyber bullying before it starts



Cyber bullying is one of the most deadly  forms  of bullying. I don’t say this to be dramatic, I say this  because it’s true. Cyber bullying is a top motivator among teens for committing suicide, and its victims are most often GIRLS!

With October being National Bulling Prevention month. We here at TMGEP want to arm you with all the ammunition you need to Combat Mean.

Your first “box” of ammunition is awareness. You can’t help what you don’t know exists. If we want our children to escape the trenches of cyber bullying, we must:

 1.  Understand how they think.

2.  Become hip with social media; how it works, which sites are safe and what sites are trending.

3.  Be in accountability with your teenager.

Please check out  this link! #Being13:Inside the secret world of teens. PARENTS, if you want some great ammunition, this  is a  MUST READ!