Why “Girls Only”?

One of the questions we most frequently receive is “Why are you only recognizing the girl bullying problem?”

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 5.34.18 PMThe answer is simple: We know that bullying comes in all shapes and sizes, races and genders. We know that girls aren’t the only ones who are mean and who get hurt by their peers. We recognize that bullying happens for a variety reasons. This problem is HUGE–bigger than any one organization can handle.

For that reason, we chose to narrow our focus. While we recognize the huge problem that is bullying, we funneled down our focus to one aspect.

We recognize that bullying as a whole is a problem. If we could combat the whole problem head-on, we would. There are many wonderful organizations  working to exterminate bullying for boys, but there are not a lot of organizations focusing on the relational aggression of girls. So here we are.

Together, we can help change this one face of bullying. When there are no more girl bullies, maybe you can partner with us to take on boy bullying. Until then, we implore you, encourage you, and recruit you to combat mean with us.

There are organizations that focus on boy bullying.

There are organizations that focus on LGBT bullying.

and There are organizations that focus on girl bullying: TMGEP; join us.


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