What We Do


Mission Statement:  To End Girl on Girl Bullying

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In the summer of 2013, Shaylene King was working on  the second book in her

tween girls’ series Liberty Lane and the One Girl Rebelution when she learned that her teenaged daughter’s friend was being bullied by the same type of girls that she had been researching for her book. It was at this moment that she realized just how real girl bullying was and how prevalent it is in today’s society.

With this realization, Shaylene put her writing on hold momentarily to pursue a way to assist her daughter in ending her friend’s suffering.

Thus, the concept for The Mean Girl Extinction Project was born.

In 2014, TMGEP became a Federal Non-Profit Organization, hosted its first events in Northern California, and gathered some of the most qualified professionals to help grow the organization. Within its first year of existence, TMGEP reached over a thousand girls from middle school to high school through team building for groups like cheerleading squads , documentary viewings, and summer camp speaking engagements. Pretty good for the first  few years, right?

In the future, TMGEP hopes to become a go-to resource for girls, parents and educators who are experiencing bullying, know someone who is, or think that the issue might be around them (hint: this issue is everywhere). By educating, providing resources, and encouraging the character development of young women, TMGEP is hoping to eliminate the bullying epidemic that is overwhelming our girls. For information how to have TMGEP come to your school or club contact tmgepboss@gmail.com.


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