Mission Statement:  

To end Girl on Girl bullying by cultivating a community of mutual respect and kindness

The Mean Girl Extinction Project was created  in the summer of 2013 after founder Shaylene King’s teenage daughter’s friend was being cyber-bullied by a few “mean girls.” Wanting to help but unsure how, Shaylene realized:

1. There really wasn’t a whole lot of resources for teachers, parents or students specific to girl bullying, also known as Relational Aggression.

2. Girl bullying was very covert and often difficult for parents and educators to identify.

3. Due to the rise in easily accessible technology, girls were using technology as a weapon to hurt each other.

4. The cost of girl bullying to the victim were often drastic, including suicide.

Thus, the concept for The Mean Girl Extinction Project was born.

In 2014, TMGEP became a Federal Non-Profit Organization and hosted its first events in Northern California. Within its first year of existence, TMGEP reached hundreds of girls from middle school to high school through events like team building for cheerleading squads, documentary viewings, and Combat Mean seminars on girl bullying at summer camps. Since 2014 TMGEP has developed Combat Mean assemblies and workshops, an after school “boot camp” kind club and service projects to combat the mean girl phenomenon.

TMGEP has become a go-to resource for girls, parents and educators on the topic of relational aggression. We know with knowledge comes power. Providing resources, offering workshops, seminars, and assemblies are ways for girls to get involve in activities that build up and empower. TMGEP hopes to erase the mean girl mentality and create a kinder community between girls.

For information on our TMGEP programs, how you can get involved or if you want to provide funding for any of these programs, please feel free to have a look around our website!

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