Make a Difference Monday and END OF THE YEAR GIVING

While I was  prepping for an assembly I will be doing this Friday at Brooks Elementary School here in Windsor California ( for approximately  130 fifth grade girls), I came across this  picture.

Silloutette imagesIt’s from a seminar for girls I did at a summer camp. The campers were asked to outline their camp counselor. Then, I asked them to write down inside the silhouette, what other girls had said to them, or about them that they BELIEVED to be TRUE. Sure, we’ve all been called names, they can hurt our feelings but we don’t usually allow them to identify or define us, so what’s changed?

Unfortunately now we have  the hidden culture of girl  aggression mixed with  its best friend: social media. Someone can say ONE unkind thing but then when it’s LIKED, TWEETED, RE-POSTED, COMMENTS ADDED by other girls… you get the picture. That ONE negative thing said by ONE person becomes believable.

As I read the things girls believed to be true about themselves,  I had the same sinking feeling I did the first time I read them. It reminded me of why I quit my full time teaching job and why I am fervent in my quest for finding  funding for The Mean Girl Extinction Project. We have to help girls realize the price their actions  are costing to other girls. We need to provide awareness and tools for these girls, their parents and our schools. I continue to say, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

If YOU or your company does END OF THE YEAR GIVING, would you consider The Mean Girl Extinction Project? Every penny goes into funding projects, assemblies and events. We are a 501 (c)3 Non-Profit and all donations can be used as a tax write- off. You can donate here by going to our Support Us page to donate  online or see other ways you can support us!



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