How To Help Girls With Body Image and Self Esteem

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As I continue to do research for my non-fiction book, Kind is  the New Pretty, I am convinced poor body image and/or self esteem are directly related to girl on girl bullying. I am a mom of a sixteen year old daughter so I am ultra sensitive and aware of the battle all girls face.

The battle we have to  fight daily is an uphill battle.As we climb that hill, the enemy; society and culture team up together. Their ammunition,  the media; magazines, tv shows, movies, advertisements, commercials…you get the picture. We live in a culture of continued stimulation, the perfect platform to destroy a girl’s body image and self esteem. Young girls are pelted with the media as ammunition left and right. Soon, they begin to believe what they are bombarded with and start  to compare themselves to women who have unrealistic bodies as role models.

How do we fight against these enemies? Our weapon of defense is education and awareness. We can’t fight what we do not see. We have to have a strategic plan or we will lose the battle. Armed with knowledge, we can win the battle and ultimately, the war.

I began to put together some ammunition;( resources). Today I want to share with you,  A Mighty Girl. They will arm you with oodles of ammunition to prepare you to battle against poor self-esteem and body image.This is an amazing resource for parents, educators and, well, girls!They are encouraging and empower girls to see their worth and value. Please check out their parenting page as well for many resources including one for Body Image and Self-Esteem

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