Check it out: The answer to bullying in schools!



Credit- Community Matters

Community Matters

How do we prevent bullying in schools? Three words…CHANGING. SOCIAL. NORMS. There you have it, the answer. But what does this look like and how does it work?

As we continue to bring awareness this month to the issue of bullying, I wanted to share with you a program I am passionate about. I believe in this program so much, I quit my teaching job to pursue it! This program is called Safe School Ambassadors. It was created by Community Matters, a national anti-bully organization. And, I have the privilege to travel to schools, teaching and training the Safe School Ambassadors program  to students and teachers.

Many of you have heard me go on and on about Community Matters and their programs. I felt it only fitting to give them the spotlight today!

This program is completely different than most anti-bully programs and they have the scientific evidence to back it up. I don’t mean to brag (cough, cough)

National Registry


Below is a webinar for our Safe School Ambassadors program.


Community Matters has over 20 years of experience dealing with mistreatment. Please check out their website for more information on their programs. You can also find them on our resource page.

I am so thankful for Community Matters and how they are helping us “Combat Mean.”

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