Kind Is The New Pretty

Credit: Strawberry Revolution

Credit: Strawberry Revolution

I am excited to share  my first non-fiction book, Kind is the New Pretty is almost complete!

 As I  continue to research and “Combat Mean” for The Mean Girl Extinction Project , I have found girls who are relationally aggressive, (displaying  mean girl behavior), are girls who most often have low self-esteem and/or body image. They have bought into the lies they see on TV, in the media, magazines and from their peers. If they don’t love themselves, they are not going to love others. If they are not kind to themselves, they will not be kind to others. Jealously and insecurity are top motivators in girl bullying.

It takes a month to learn a new habit, so I decided to write a book with 31 daily meditations, much like a devotional. Each day we tackle an area or issue I believe  girls struggle with. At the end of each day, there is a  fun DIY activity teens can do using most things they already have at home, to reinforce what we discussed.  Can you tell I ‘m a teacher? 🙂  If we can learn to be kind to ourselves, and to value ourselves not for what we do but because of who we are, kindness will become a part of our character.

HOW YOU CAN HELP! I have written 21 of the daily readings. One thing I learned from the retreat I recently returned from for my new job with Community Matters, is how different we are. Regardless of our  differences religiously, politically, and culturally, we as women and girls, struggle with many of the same issues. I want this book to be relate-able to all girls.

1. Sooo, I am hoping to have 10 of  them be from guest writers. They can be serious or humorous. If you are interested, I will send you all the information. You don’t have to be a writer to have a great story or life lesson to share! Get your concept on paper and I will help you with the rest, if needed 🙂

2. 31 DIY projects/activities using most things teens already have at home has been a bit of a challenge for me. If you have any DIY projects or ideas, please send them my way! If they require things that have to be purchased, the cost needs to be minimal.

3. I will be posting polls in the weeks to come. There are some places  I think the editor will want me to beef up. Please take a moment to answer the polls and then send to your friends, sisters, nieces, aunts, grand daughters…you get the picture! The more data I gather from others, the better. You will be able to take the polls at The Mean Girl Extinction Project or my author website,

Just a side note…I was gloriously excited to find Strawberry Revolution already had the  title of my book,  Kind Is The New Pretty  printed on their cute tank tops! They have other great empowering quotes on their shirts for girls as well. A dollar from every purchase goes toward non-profit organizations  who deal with bullying! (I’m gonna have to see if  TMGEP can get in on that!) Oh and I love their fabulous  tagline, Confidence is Beauty! You can check them out  at

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