Stop Bullying, Start Reading

Credit HarperCollins Publishers

Credit HarperCollins Publishers

The Mean Girl Extinction Project was created to bring awareness to the issue of bullying. Although we work specifically to combat girl bullying, we know full well it is not just a girl issue. It is an issue with boys and girls at every age level.

Bullying exists, period! So I was ecstatic when I found out my friend Jennifer Alvarez’s first book Starfire, from The Guardian Herd series was selected to be a part of Stop Bullying. Start Reading.

Stop Bullying. Start Reading is a collection of books addressing bullying by HarperCollins Publishers. What I love about this collection of books is the fact there is a book for every age of youth from picture books to middle grade to teen. Even more exciting is the unique way each author’s protagonist interacts and deals with the bully. One thing I have learned as an anti-bully activist is everyone’s story is different so although bullying is a common thread with victims, how they struggle and deal with it is as unique as individual themselves. The Stop Bullying. Start Reading collection’s books provide characters and story lines readers can relate to.

If you or someone you know is struggling with bullying or perhaps you are a teacher like me, Stop Bullying. Start Reading is a great resource! Check it out here at Stop Bullying. Start Reading.

In the weeks ahead, I will be interviewing some of the authors whose books are a part of this fantastic collection and you will have the opportunity to win a copy of their books!

My first interview is with the amazing Jennifer Lynn Alvarez, author of Starfire! And, you will have the chance to win an autographed hard copy of Starfire or an ARC copy of Stormbound, the second book in her Guardian Herd series!


Stop Bullying, Start Reading

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