Watch What Happens When People Are Asked To Do Something Like A Girl #LikeAGirl

I recently saw an Ad on Facebook by the “Always” Campaign #LikeAGirl. This social experiment asked young women and men to do things “like a girl,” for example; throw a ball, run, …Everyone of them did something “like a girl” that was insulting. Next they asked young girls to do the same things “like a girl.” Take a look at the video to see what happens next!.

Research commissioned by Always showed that more than half of girls experience a drop in confidence around puberty and that most consider “like a girl” to be an insult. The vast majority of girls have a negative association with “like a girl.”

Most of the girls we see here at TMGEP who are bullying other girls lack self-confidence. They have low self worth and are not proud to be the awesome girl they were created to be. Insecurity+low self esteem is a recipe for disaster.

I am so happy to see large companies using their platform to do positive things to empower girls. I know if more girls had pride and positive self worth, we would see less girl bullies. No girl bullies= no girls being bullied and that would be a recipe to celebrate!

Way to go Proctor & Gamble! #LikeAGirl. Share this with a girl you know! Remind them they can do anything they want “like a girl” and be proud!