Do you think the selfie trend is too self-destructive to teens?

16 Year-Old stabs and kills her best friend over humiliating selfies.

Stories like this stun me and I find myself asking why. Why would you take naked selfies with your BFF in the first place? And why would you show them to other people?

I think it drives how the thought,
One: Most teens don’t have the maturity to use technology responsibly.
Now, I am not saying all teens, but I will say I believe the vast majority of teens really don’t have the maturity needed to make wise choices with technology.
I thank God, social media was not around when I was a teenager! I can only imagine the images that would be forever available in cyberspace.
Two: Teens all too often don’t realize their actions have consequences. They are reactive; quickly making foolish choices, unaware of the ramifications. Stupidly snapping pictures and posting them of Facebook, Instagram and Snap Chat. By the time they realize their mistake, the damage is done. Once it’s been put out in cyberspace, you can’t undo the damage.
Three: Social Media is life to teen girls. I once read research which stated, “‘Social Media’ is as important to most girls as breathing.” That is quite the hefty statement, but I whole hardily agree. I have a teen daughter and I have worked with teen girls for over 20 years. They define themselves by how many likes/comments they get on a picture or post. They believe they are ugly, fat, stupid…if that is what people are saying about them or telling them anonymous on sites like Ask.Com. They lack the maturity to recognize all too often, those ugly comments are likely one or two people creating fake identities and bombing them purposefully. All they see or hear is what their peers are saying, telling, or showing. They don’t have the ability to separate reality or truth from lies.

Makes me wonder, is social media safe for our kids? As an anti-bully activist, I have heard many, many cases of girls commiting suicide as a result of cyber bullying. And then there are stories like this. One girl lost her life and one will lose her qualitly of life and future.
What do you think? Is the selfie trend too self-destructive? #selfieselfdestruction