A Summer of Conquering Mean!

Mt. Gilead Jr2
The last six weeks I had the privilege to speak to girls, fourth grade through high school. What a great opportunity I had to share about what a mean girl looks like. The reality… we all have the ability to be a mean girl and when you add girl drama to the situation, there is an arsenal of ammunition to cause damage.

In a blank silhouette, I had the girl’s write names another girl has called them in the past which really hurt…I was heart sick each week to read the often vile names they were called. To see on paper these awful names was a powerful reality check.

We take words personally so when spoken, they can hurt or they heal. We ended the seminars each week writing words personally on eachother’s bodies to build each other up rather than tear each other down.
What a great summer conquering mean, one girl bully at a time!

How have words affected you?

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