A Must Read For Parents and Educators!

Please Stop Laughing at me
Recently, a friend gave me the book, Please Stop Laughing at Me by Jodee Blanco. This haunting memoir of author Jodee Blanco’s experience being horrifically bullied will leave you feeling physically sick.

Her story sheds light on how often times we as parents and educators can get it wrong. Many of the things we tell girls about bullying is not always helpful but rather harmful.

Jodee’s story casts a very realistic picture on the destructive and dangerous toll bullying takes on a victim and their family. Although Jodee’s story eventually has a happy ending, it has not come without years and years of heartache, therapy and permanent scars. “The bullies never remember but the outcast never forgets.”

As much as we celebrate her victory, many, many girls who are bullied don’t make it out alive. Suicide among girls who are bullied is on the rise. Those who are able to live through it, rarely live a healthy and happy life. I highly, highly recommend this book.

Today Jodee is an anti-bully activist and one of the nation’s leading experts on bullying. She shares with students, parents and educators her anti-bully program, It’s NOT Just Joking Around. You can visit Jodee’s website at http://www.jodeeblanco.com

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