5 Ways You Can Help Combat Bullying

Compliments of Robert Linder

You can make a significant difference in the war on bullying. Check out how simple it can be.

  1. Write a letter to the editor of your school or local newspaper highlighting an issue of bullying important to you.
  2. Have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Post a status, tweet a tweet or take a picture of something bully related and spread awareness.
  3. Create bullying posters and fliers for your school with anti-bully slogans. (Make sure you get permission before you post or distribute them)
  4. Have an anti-bully party! Pop popcorn and watch bully movies with your friends. Some great movies are The Ant Bully, Cyberbully, The Karate Kid, Lucas Mean Girls and This Is Me.
  5. Speak up when you see or hear someone being bullied. Staying silent reinforces to the bully their acts of taunting are acceptable. The person being bullied may also think you agree with the bully if you don’t take a stand.

Get out there and find a way to make a difference!

4 thoughts on “5 Ways You Can Help Combat Bullying

  1. stephanie schubert says:

    hi my names stephanie schubert i met you at the roxy after the bullying movie. i was the girl in the bathroom. i left you a voicemail. just wondering when you might be interested in meeting?

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