Football Players At Queen Creek High School Stand Up For A Bullied Special-Needs Student

Carson Jones, Chy Johnson and Tucker Workman

If you ever doubted you could make a difference by a simple act of kindness, think again! This story is such a sweet reminder, our actions carry substantive weight. How incredibly wonderful it is to see thoughtful actions of teenagers having a positive influence.

Chy Johnson is a freshman at Queen Creek High School. She has a brain disorder distinctly setting her apart from other girls her age. She became an easy target for “mean girls (girl bullies)”to taunt. Their acts were cruel-Chy shares how they would even throw trash at her.

Johnson’s mother reached out to Carson Jones, a senior and starting quarterback for the Queen Creek football team, hoping to get the names of the girls who were bullying her daughter Chy. Instead, Carson, (the good looking and popular football player) took it upon himself to protect her. He and several other football players began to eat lunch with her every day to insure her safety. Taken under their protection, the bullying amazingly has stopped!

What is Chy’s reaction to the “mean girls” now? “They’re not mean to me, because all my boys love me. So much.” Um…this is where my eyes pooled with tears. I love her sweet sentiment.

Carson Jones and players  on his team say they are getting just as much out of the relationship as Chy Johnson. Tucker Workman told, “It feels good to know that we helped someone else, because you know, we’re doing good, everything for us is going well, but someone else needs to feel good too. “

I am amazed at the wise and mature way Carson Jones handled the situation. I think the first reaction most of us would have had, would have been to either one, get mad and “get back” at the those doing the bullying or two, not want to get involved at all.

What  are your reactions to this story? What would you have done? Should Chy Johnson’s mom have gone to the principal instead of a student at the school? We want to hear from you! Comment here at The Mean Girl Extinction Project or at

5 thoughts on “Football Players At Queen Creek High School Stand Up For A Bullied Special-Needs Student

  1. AskTina4Advice says:

    That is sooooooo nice to hear! I’m so glad to know there are some kids out there who have a heart. I have a daughter with special needs and I know what it feels like to have a child who cannot defend herself against bullies. I just can’t believe kids now a days.

      • AskTina4Advice says:

        The schools at least in my area that my daughter attended are not. If the special needs child is mainstreamed into the “regular” classes with other students then they no longer have the safety net of the special education environment. There is usually 1 teacher to 35 students and during recess there is no way to monitor everyone. They took away the aides due to lack of funding. Recess, changing classes, locker rooms and the cafeteria are prime target areas for children to get picked on. I’m actually in the middle of doing a documentary on a specific special needs group and touch on this type of behavior in the documentary through the eyes of the parents.

      • thegirlbullycampaign says:

        Would be interested to see your documentary! I am a teacher myself and have seen a drastic difference in the school system in regards to special-needs student. What I have noticed is not a lack of interest because of irresponsibility or educators not caring, but here in California, funds have been so drastically cut, they don’t have money hardly pay aides, much less train them. And advocates for those with special needs have lost their jobs or are so overwhelmed because they are doing the job of many- they don’t have the time to invest in the students, and oversee them.

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